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Control Pardaz Shomal Industrial Group started operating in 1996, was the beginning of activities in the field of industrial automation projects. During the implementation of projects and the growing need of industries for warranty and support services, the branch of repair and support was added to the activities of this young group.

Due to the need for support in various fields and the extent of equipment in the industry, repair and support services are now provided to three sectors: industry, laboratory and medical. In each section, certain equipment is repaired.

The training and consulting department of Control Pardaz Shomal Industrial Group has been established to provide specialized services to industries and engineers, and according to the experience of carrying out various projects and repairing various equipment, there is the ability to provide services in this field.

In 2014, this group entered the field of home automation along with industrial automation services and established Diako smart home, which represents several American, European and Chinese brands in this field.

Control Pardaz Shomal Group

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