Smart Home

1- Advantages of Wireless system over Wiring:

1. Install the system on a traditional platform without the need for special cabling

۲. Ease of adding options after wiring operation

3. Far lower costs

4. Quick and simple installation

5. Ability to return to traditional mode at the request of the user

6. Single point of Failure (In wireless brands, if any problem occurs in one part of the system, it does not happen to the whole system. That “Rasa” company should go to the place and fix this defect, while in wireless systems, in case of failure in any part, only that part will fail and even if the central controller system is out of use, it is still a problem for the whole The system does not exist and the user can use the normal keys and remotes to lead a normal life.)

7. Easier to use for children and the elderly

2- Support for combined wireless and wiring system:

Some Het brands are known as a hybrid brand that can use both Wiring and Wireless systems. If the customer raises his needs based on the Wiring system, special cabling can be done and the cables can be centralized in a single electrical panel, and users can control the entire system using their touch panels.

3- Checking the system at different levels in terms of security:

1. Internet control: In a brand where Internet control is through the cloud and the user does not need to buy a fixed IP or monthly charge, all devices and users are identified according to the MAC Address and Unique Address of their company, which is encrypted with The SSL protocol (used by online electronic payment gateways) exchanges information, which is currently the highest level of security in the world.

۲. Local Wi-Fi control: You may have heard that people with software that can often be installed on rooted Android phones have the ability to hack your Wi-Fi. But what is really going on:

1. Most software attacks the wps modem. You can increase the security of your modem by disabling this option.

2. Type of coding: As you know, WPA2 is newer and more secure than WPA, so it is better to use WPA2 instead of WPA

3. WPA2 hacking: You may have heard that software also hacks this coding, but the point is that most of the software that you use to hack other people’s Wi-Fi will hack you first and list all the passwords stored on your phone along with the MAC modem And they send your geographical location to your site, so do not share your Wi-Fi password with everyone. Maybe they have these programs, which are a kind of virus, in the phone.

4. Using MAC Filter: By activating the list of allowed MACs in your modem, you can prevent the modem from being hacked and provide much higher security for your network.

5. Standard protocol with encrypted data packet: Smart Meyer system uses standard protocols to transfer its information over the network, but the DATA part of these packets has company-specific encryption, so its security is higher than open source systems. (In KNX and S-BUS systems, the concept of DATA can be understood by analyzing the data packet.)

4- System analysis in terms of noise and frequency interference:

1. Frequency band: Most systems exchange information on the 433 frequency band. This frequency band is the most common open frequency band in home systems, for example, the frequency of parking remotes is 433.92. Each device reserves a unique frequency in the frequency band according to its internal MAC, and no two devices will work with the same frequency.

۲. Modulation: Wireless systems have a great variety in data modulation, the most common of which are FM and AM, which are the same as FSK and ASK in electronic systems. Such modulations are very common in telecommunication systems and this makes it possible for different systems to work together even at a certain frequency without interfering with each other.
Brands with security use a combination of several modulations simultaneously to increase security.

3. Protocol: The protocol is a communication language between two devices that if the language of the data packet is the same, it goes to higher layers for further analysis, otherwise the packet is not accepted.

4. Noise Frequency: Noise has different natures, but usually very high frequencies apply noise to the voltage levels of the circuits. The closer the operating frequency of the systems is to the noise, the greater their impact on that system. The operating frequency of Smart Meyer products is 433MHz, which is much lower than the operating frequency of Wi-Fi, which is 2400MHz (2.4GHz), and its noise level is zero.

5- Communication through the Internet and using Redundancy Cloud Server technology:

You do not need to use IP Static to control via the Internet, and this is achieved through the company’s cloud technology and powerful servers. Smart Meyer is one of the few brands that uses the new Redundancy Cloud Server technology. This technology allows the backup servers to come to the line if the main server is out of reach and reduce the possibility of disconnection to zero.

6- Using RF433MHz platform as the most popular frequency level used in the Iranian market:

1. Remote curtains available in the market, whether domestic or made in China, Turkey, European brands such as Samfi France, etc., all come on the system and are learned, and like some European brands, there is no need to use a gateway. Not for frequency conversion.

۲. Parking door remote

3. Electric shutters remote

4. Remote video projector screens

6- Ability to use all wireless sensors available in the market:

A suitable brand is a brand whose wireless sensors on the market, such as Motion Detector and Magnet sensors, are supported by their system due to the use of 315MHz bandwidth. Easily used them.

7- Control of systems based on: IR – Infrared

The strengths of most smart home brands in Ir control include the following:

1. Ir signal strength is transmitted: Ir signals are emitted up to a radius of 8 meters and even from the feedback with the surface of objects, but in similar Chinese examples, this amount may reach up to 1 meter.

۲. No limit on the number of Ir codes stored: but in some European brands this number reaches a maximum of 22 codes.

8- Control via SMS

Through the smart central controller and via SMS, you can execute various commands or scenarios or be aware of the existence of various alarms. This is not possible in Chinese wireless brands and in European brands with limited number and shape.

9- Security system:

If the user uses a smart central controller, he can fully implement a security system in the market using his own brand sensors or similar cheap wireless sensors. In the event of an accident, in addition to the local alarm, the user will also notice danger messages via SMS or the Internet.

10- Possibility of control via TV:

If the user uses a smart central controller, he can connect the HDMI cable to the TV to fully control the equipment from the TV screen. This special feature is seen only in one of the American brands and an Italian brand.

11- Definition of intelligent logic:

One of the most important features of a wireless smart home is the ability to intelligently program the user without the need for any programming knowledge. The user can easily define a scenario, schedule, or define intelligent logic and the capabilities of an intelligent system using the perception of sensors without the need for a company installer.

12- Integrity of products:

The brand that has the most complete product portfolio in the market and like some brands does not need to provide a solution to collect and combine brands is a good brand in this field. Because it seems to be a disgusting thing for the customer, and as the famous system calls it, “calligraphy patch”, and technically, the combination of these devices often “encounters various disorders.”

13- Simple system use:

The system should be installed in such a way that children or the elderly can work with the system without any problems and the user can define scenarios, schedules, etc. without the need for participation.

14- Simple installation without the need for programming:

Today, there are brands that, unlike many brands on the market, do not require any programming and can be installed with just 2 hours of training or even reading the “Installation instructions”. The time spent to install the equipment in one The 100-meter unit is estimated at 2 to 3 hours.

15- Having several solutions to control lighting:

1. Use of touch keys (they have feedback compared to domestic products, which are deprived of this important possibility due to the lack of a central and integrated system, and compared to European brands that do not produce keys, there is no need to use low quality Chinese keys)

۲. Using converter modules to smarten traditional keys (this is not possible in Chinese brands)

3. Using panel relays (when we do not want to use the key and just want to do control from the tablet or touch panel)

16- Having different solutions to control the cooling and heating system:

1. Ability to control the water cooler using the panels available in the market that have an Rf remote.

۲. Split control, ceiling VRF and thermostats by using ir so that, like European brands, there is no need to buy the company’s own thermostat, and only by installing quality and cheap thermostats that are found in the Beaufort Iranian market, the heating system can be controlled.

17- Music system control:

If you use a touch panel or intelligent audio system, you can also use its music playback capability, so that it can be used via Wi-Fi and directly from a tablet or mobile phone, without the use of any special software and using technology. E-Sharing You can send your favorite track to the panel and use USB ports for Flash connection or Memory Card connection. The panels also have a built-in amplifier that sends user-selected music directly to the speaker outputs.

18- Video iPhone:

In this regard, Smart Meyer is known as the only brand that can support video iPhones installed in apartment and villa projects. By installing an iPhone converter module on the iPhone path, you can establish audio and video communication with the client of the building door and open the door if necessary.

19- Strong and powerful software:

Most systems made in China have software with a non-regular structure, most of which have different bugs, and due to the frequent hang of the system, it is very difficult to work with them. It is a solid core that is easy to work with while enjoyable.

20- Advantages of some touch keys compared to the types of touch keys available in the market:

1. The switches of some brands are easily installed inside the standard Iranian power box due to customization for the Iranian market and do not require any destruction.

۲. The keys of some brands have a tempered glass panel (Tempered Glass) and, like most brands, do not use talc (the talc is scratched and absorbs static electricity by itself).

3. The keys should have different designs and leave the customer free to choose.

4. The keys of some brands have feedback, but the keys of Iranian brands are deprived of this feature.

5. Instead of using Triac, relays are used in the design of switches to cut and connect the current, which is a mechanical component with a long and safe life.